Brave Rascals

Brave Rascals - classic old school arcade platformer with a characteristic graphics, crazy plot and so enjoyable for all "old men" gameplay. We, the heroes who came from other worlds with a single purpose - to kill a huge fire-breathing dragon is able to move between universes and do what he wants, leaving behind a mountain of corpses and burned the city. It is time to stop these atrocities and to combat this terrible creature. Becoming a volunteer and arriving at the right dimension, the character meets an awfully nice princess, who is also ... a dragon! But not one that we need. Or that? The question remains unanswered, and we are not scoring head off in search of Sinister. The path will run through amazing and dangerous worlds inhabited by a variety of blood-thirsty creatures. But stuck with a firearm will help to cope with them. And if one dies avatar can always cause a new volunteer.

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