Shovel commandos 2 clicker!

The Shovel commandos 2 clicker! We will focus on the incredible strong blizzard paralyzed the life in the country. Huge snowdrifts piled roads and residents simply stayed in their homes, in traps. Commandos received urgent orders to proceed to the cleaning line from Seoul to Busan. Works will Nemer, shove through the whole territory and, therefore, should begin immediately. Traditionally, the budget for this operation no one identified and soldiers have to start your journey with only one standard-issue shabby shovels release of the last century. But over time, you can save up not only new equipment, but also to teaching duties, buy heavy equipment, hire mercenaries. Hard work 24 hours a day, greatly exhausts and soon soldiers will fall or in the hospital or in solitary confinement for infractions. Only a true commander will be able to keep this fraternity under their control and to cope with the task.

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