Tap Smiths

Plot Tap Smiths, it is not difficult to guess, will tell us about the blacksmith clan passing from generation to generation. And the young grandson comes to visit his grandfather is very old age, to inquire about his health and well-being. This old adventurer dropped production to fend for themselves and umotal at the end of the world on a dangerous journey with a group of otvyaznyh Slayers. And only from there I sent an SMS-ku, such as do not worry, everything is fine, anneal is not a child. And the heir and concurrently the main character will now have to quickly learn the tricks of blacksmithing, the process is not idle. This will help him loyal friends, who waved and a hammer, and then the goods will be fulfilled. Study of new drawings, purchase of equipment and obtaining rare materials are well affect the quality of work and subsequent revenue.

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