Rooms of Doom - Minion Madness

Doctor Doom - a legendary figure even among the supervillains. While others tried as quickly as possible to gain control over the planet and suffered one fiasco after another, he had planned and prepared, with a grin, watching the failures of his comrades for a Dream. And a unique mechanism of production of the faithful minions created and now it's time to run the conveyor. Miracle machine allows to connect two different objects one alive. The first cat appeared at the press combined with ... other cat. Originally? Yes! No one would expect such a monster. Or a monkey-wrench and so on. But before proceeding to the active phase is to test the first opportunity to get the results. And this was built a series of rooms with a variety of deadly traps. And only the best helpers of the evil genius be able to go through them all and to go along with a host of exciting in a campaign against the entire world.

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