Slash Mobs

Increasingly in these lands began to notice the huge monsters, well, just ordinary animals, insects and magical creatures have become giants and everything else is very dangerous. But what if all the great heroes are now in the campaigns against the army of demons, undead and other occupied dungeon forever murky figures do not give a rest seasoned warriors? It's time to let out on the spare part in the form of a forgotten all the prophets, teachers, and mentors young guy. A short introduction, an old rusty sword in hand in the forefront perёd. Yes, and follow a mandate - to collect a full team of soldiers of various classes to meet with the main monster (it simply has to be the law of the genre).
Well, after all the familiar path, Tapa, win, spend money on development, hire assistants, improve their skills and try not to skip past him with all sorts of chests useful things.

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