Rogue Ninja

On this point, between heaven and earth, which for centuries was legendary. The incredible beauty of landscapes, the magical phenomenon and unimaginable treasures that are here at every step, all attracted adventurers, adventurers, but have not been found. Up to this day. In the hands of a ninja clan got a map which has been described in detail, how to find the entrance and a safe exit. The protagonist - the best of the best, and so the choice fell on him. He did not sink, can be under water breathing through a straw, using the bushes as cover, moved silently on any surface and changing the master. You can still be a long list of his positive qualities as secretive warrior, but you can just see it in action. The whole area is a forbidden garden guarded and patrolled by soldiers and experienced the slightest mistake will lead to the capture and captivity.

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