Steppy Pants

The protagonist Steppy Pants once looked out the window and saw that the street is a lovely, lovely day. The sun is shining, birds chirping, and walk on sidewalks happy people. And also I decided that it would be nice to walk in the fresh air. "Well, here I am" - he thought, and taking the first step then remembered that he had agoraphobia. The legs tremble and give way, vaguely sees everything, where to go is not clear, but standing still is not an option and the character wandered forward.
Walking will carry tapami, alternately for each leg. The more clicks, the more will come. Bust lead to serious and painful injury, so be careful. Everything else in the avatar is another phobia - he can not step on the joints of plates that even more complicates the process. However, you can adapt himself quite dashing walk to his goal.

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