Run Rabbit Run

Rabbit. You can just erase in my mind an idea of ​​this nice and big-eared creation, wildly amusing, very soft and warm. Before us is a dark, cynical, gluttonous Krol-matershinnik behavior creature that consumes liters of strong organic coffee. Then one day he climbed on the internet, when suddenly hungry and decided to look in the fridge, and then the ball rolled. What to do? Go outside to get to this delicious root vegetable! The problem is that the main character lives in a very dangerous place. Here everywhere spikes running circular saws and other deadly charms. But the unique ability to move with incredible speed and jump high to help him get to the food. And at the same time, the same set of characteristics will lead him to multiple deaths. Only cosmic luck and precision of action will allow to pass on getting enough points.

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