The Little Match Girl: Happy

The main character to escape from his father's anger unmotivated, runs out into the street. And they rose up in the popular with the rich class for walking place, starts to trade matches, but would get at least some money on food. It's not talking, all in a hurry about their business, and the girl starts to light the goods one by one, each time she seen and pretty good images make her happy. And in the last match is its recently pochivshaya grandmother, which gives it a special box with a magic wand. Now we need to keep up Tapan on going past the passers-by, so that they are interested in buying these products. Having received the first dividend, it will be possible to improve the product range, to call to his aid others like it, people without hope, to work together to build their future. And in between you can buy new clothes and take care to search for holiday gifts.

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