Star Dash Studios

The protagonist - a film school student who, like each of his status and age are not averse to earn some money and at the same time to gain invaluable experience. And after a successful interview begins his first day of work. In the role of messenger, errand boy, an assistant, and so on, he comes to the very large complex where there are constant shooting potential blockbusters and unrecognized masterpieces.
Using the quick feet, agility, knowledge alleys and all the secret passages, he will rush like the wind between the pavilions. After finishing one task, he immediately went to do other things. Not a single free moment to rest and a cup of tea. It is necessary to keep up everywhere, otherwise the directors and stars of the first magnitude remain dissatisfied. But podnatorev and master can attempt to break into the crowd, who knows may be turn out to become an actor.

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