Shoggoth Rising

Shoggoth Rising - is a classic story of a drunken seaman told by young and inexperienced sailors during a violent storm or other intoxicating cup in the port tavern. Narrated about old times, brave sailors, terrible monsters, and other features that are growing in quantity and quality from story to story. That's our case tells of broad-boatswain, the only survivor of the crew of an unexpected attack of bloodthirsty creatures from the depths of the coastal waters. Having managed to swim to the lighthouse and barricaded themselves on it, he realizes that his pursuers do not leave and is preparing to take his last fight. He needs to explore the area keenly and accurately shoot enemies to climb over the wall. Continuous improvement and the search for new weapons will allow him to not only last longer, but also to survive. After all, how could learn more about the story teller.

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