Wind-Up Warrior

The main hero of the Wind-Up Warrior will be a kind of analogue of the Battle of Pinocchio / Pinocchio. Its creator did not cherished dream of his son, and just wanted to get a powerful artifact in your hands. But he was a scientist, inventor, and just an old man, and the path to the coveted little thing is very long and dangerous. Therefore, it was decided to create a mechanical knight. In the courtyard of a fantasy medieval dream of a portable nuclear reactors and other high-power power supplies do not have to. So he has to work on the winding mechanism (it is necessary to maintain uninterrupted cyclical us if we want to figure reached its destination). Moving forward, we chop all counterclaims, collect trophies, do not forget to pump fighter and periodically return to the fold, to improve the weapons and pour over the next valuable guidance.

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