Tap Hero

The main character - a real character with an incredibly heroic character and having a behind a whole slew of mega heroic deeds. Throughout his career, he wanted to find the same sword of legends. Rumor has it stuck in the castle courtyard of a great warrior, and prophesied that it would only get really tough guy. That figure and looking for a way to strengthen this all my life. When found, he found that the once majestic castle is in the hands of bandits heap of all stripes and persuasion. Quietly sneak failed (our warrior clad in armor from head to toe, so that was a wild roar) and therefore break with fights to the razor-sharp, artifact, he was already quite tired and without his standard-issue weapons. Flick of the wrist, he pulled a mega cool piece of sharpened steel, and ... I do not even have time to enjoy them, as the guards came running and he had a new toy swing left and right.

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