Medieval Empires


Medieval Empires - Build an empire in the Middle Ages, the structure of the troops, collect resources, improve and develop. There are over 50 different units and buildings. Build castles, barracks, towers and farms, develop skills, getting new units bovye and skills, building their strength and caused damage. Defend your castle by destroying the enemy, glorify his name through the ages.

Medieval Empires remind you of classic RTS games - Warcraft, Starcraft or Age of Empires.


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  • Posted by: 6apxat (guest), 2012-05-09 12:12:56
    графика конечно не из лучших, ну дак и размер игры не большой... Поиграл бы еще, так в ней всего 2карты, жаль :( наверное на маркете докачать можно... A у меня нет возможности интернета на планшете.. Проверено на Acer Tab a100

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