Devils at the Gate


Devils at the Gate - 3D strategy genre Tower Defence. At the heart of the Patriots game against the Devils to the confrontation. The player's task efficiently managing the troops and not to let the enemy pass through the Devils defense.

- Cards with a unique panorama effect
- You will see a beautifully designed card and magnificent scene.
- Various games can be used to complete the level
- In the game players must use a combination of as many as 10 species of Patriots (man-sword, a striker, guerrilla forces, etc.). Each Patriot armed with a certain type of weapon with a unique function, and the player has the opportunity, at his / her own free will, choose a combination of patriots.
- Various card games
- There are eight types of cards, including villages, ports, snow, mountains, etc. Players can pass difficult levels with the use of weapons is most convenient for the card.


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