Naval Clash


Naval Clash is a classic (in all senses of the word) in the game "Battleship". All the battles and the menu, too, is stylized in such a manner, as if placed on a sheet of paper. Yes, you heard right - on the voucher or notebook notebook on a spring-like in the old kind. The main menu contains an uncomplicated and 4 points: the transition to the game, the score, help (some explanatory account of the rules of the game, the courts and administration) and the exit button. Naval Clash is good because it can lead the group (on the network or by using Bluetooth) or a single game.

Gameplay is built on the classical principle: you have 10 courts, which offer you a place in the order of the number of decks in the field of 10 × 10. You can select a horizontal or vertical position, to rotate enough to touch the edge of the vessel. If the patience to arrange the court you are missing, choose mode auto, place objects on your own. Upon completion of the preparatory boldly go and press start to bomb the enemy!

Window battles, by the way, is divided into three sectors: a large (for aiming at enemy ships), and two smaller ones, one of which gives an idea about the location of their own ships, and the second - the table of priority and impact moves.

All actions in the game is accompanied by excellent graphics, stylized drawings with a ballpoint pen, and if he wins you will be awarded a medal made by hand, or else if you honor the tomb in the same style.

The gameplay is simple and straightforward, does not pretend to any skill or the presence of a certain kind of skill.

* Beautiful painted graphics
* Fights with Android
* Battle of the Bluetooth
* Battle over the Internet
* The global record table
* App2SD


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