Carnival of Horrors


Carnival of Horrors - you are the owner hired a prestigious complex of the carnival, which is located on the coast. The fact is that the complex took an army of ghosts. Your task is to free the entertainment center for civilians, return it to its original state, killing all the ghosts. But the ghosts of a different idea, different from yours. Show them all your strength and character of a warrior.


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  • Posted by: Anatea (guest), 2012-03-27 21:51:59
    Gra naprawde fajna, ciekawe opcje, ale niestety- ma swoje fochy i potrafi zaciac sie, a nawet po ktoryms takim wypadku: skasowac profil gracza ;) mi sie tak trafilo na stage 2-3. Mimo to daje plus, bo wierze ze bedziee jakas latka :D

  • Posted by: qanqster2727 (guest), 2012-04-19 22:01:35
    игра прикольная , советую скачать

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