A lot of exciting stories, full of heroic adventures begin with a simple and very clear exposition. So in this case more than clear: the kitten, buried under a tree and caught in a cave, agrees to help in the fight against the darkness in exchange for the promise of the spirit of rebirth that will help him to return to those whom he loved. Winds through the dark corridors, collect crystals, dodging enemies and go exactly to the goal of the game Naught, created by Alawar.

Nothing got by accident into an endless dungeon and can not get out of it, because it only moves in one direction - down. Take their hands on the rotation of this crazy maze and help find a way home Nothing.
Tilting the device, you can change the walls, floor and ceiling spaces. Nothing will go where it pulls the gravity and the speed can be controlled by varying the angle of inclination. To pass the level you need to hold the essence of the exit, avoiding the dangerous inhabitants of the caves of the meeting. These monsters are so dangerous that one touch to them is detrimental to nothing.
Along the way, you will need to collect the seeds of power, making it possible to create a save point. Each point is worth tens of seeds, so you will need a lot of them. In addition, the dark dungeons hidden three diamonds, which are needed to find the exit to the next level.
Help save nothing. Take a gravity in his hands!
★ Control with Accelerometer
★ Unusual History
★ 30 levels with unusual graphics
★ Two types of control: an accelerometer and onscreen joysticks


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