Conflict Orion Deluxe


Conflict Orion Deluxe - allows you to take the place of military space fighter pilot, who was given the task to protect the space from enemy ships. You have single-handedly organized the protection of its territory, use different weapons to prevent the enemy to break through to the protected area. Get ready to fly in a colorful play space and the battle against numerous enemies that know no mercy.

I received quite a beautiful three-dimensional graphics with lots of fascinating effects of space. Nice sound effects and performed at a high level of animation. Your task in the game will be different, it all depends on what game mode you choose, the choice we have three modes. Adventure, where you will perform various missions for the defense of the borders of your country, survival in which you have to fight against the computer in the cosmic battle of the mind and of course multiplayer via vayfay with your friends. The game has plenty of opportunities to improve your spaceship, and the ability to buy more advanced versions of these. Quite a simple operation, performed in a virtual geypada left at the bottom of the joystick and buttons at the bottom right of action.

For ARMv6

For ARMv7


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