Demolition Master 3D: Holidays


What is a real festive atmosphere? Explosions and fireworks! The thunder, crack and damage - just a holiday. Lights the fuse! Time to do "Buuum!" In the game Demolition Master 3D: Holidays.

In Demolition Master 3D: Holidays you will blow up everything that is bad. The main thing - the right to place explosives. Each bomb has to be in place - just so you can blow up everything, not only with the noise, but also to good use. The explosion of blast! A properly installed with the deafening sound of the dynamite throwing beams in the right direction. We fall into the target, get glasses, and a genuine pleasure.
We'll have poraskinut brains to get through the game and score maximum points. Fortunately, the bomb will be enough to spare. In the extreme case is the Super-style "end of all living things ..."
You wait 60 locations with exciting logic puzzles, colorful 3D-graphics and lots and lots of explosions! Burned!
- 60 levels of arcade. You will be busy!
- Explosive special effects. The beauty of destruction!
- Fun music. Explode with a smile!
- The festive atmosphere, which contributes to both explosions and fun!
- Social Gaming Network OpenFeint (many leaderboards achievements). Soothe not only the destruction of thirst, but thirst for glory!
- 3 types of bombs (conventional, rigid, and special). After the explosions is your passion, do not you?
- As well as Super - Chuck Norris in the world of bombs!


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