Bomberman vs Zombies


Bomberman vs Zombies - fire, explosions, zombies and a real hero, the savior - Bomberman, all in a fantastically exciting game Bomberman vs Zombies.
As night descends on the earth, and people sleep peacefully, dreaming of a better world, a detachment of the zombie lands on Earth to turn it into a zombie world. But their plans to intervene Bomberman brave, he is always ready to come to the rescue!
In Bomberman 5 lives. To complete a level the player must destroy all the zombies and find a key in one of the crates and open the hatch. Luke is a transition to another level. In the game you will see an extraordinary variety of levels and characters: the zombies, bats, coffins and skulls.

- A zombie with artificial intelligence;
- 3 types of zombies (fast, slow, teleport);
- Zoom;
- Bonuses and antibonusy;
- Different types of bombs;
- OpenFeint Leaderboard and Achievements.


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