SAWS | The Puridium War


SAWS | The Puridium War - Year 2210, and the world only began to recover after the explosion of near-Earth asteroids that have fallen around the world. Scientists have discovered the special properties of fragments of asteroids, are interested not only earthlings, but malodruzhestvennyh beings from the galaxy.
During the game you will control the fighting unit called Saw. They form the basis of the Army of the future.
The game has a built-in protection with towers, pylons and allows you to build the wall, placing it emplacements. Hordes of attacking creatures can be destroyed by fire personal weapons or support
* Stunning graphics * HD-
Take advantage of the latest mobile hardware capabilities to play in the beautiful graphics and high quality explosions.
* Full 3D *
Keep attacking the enemy from all sides and without wasting time, destroy everything in its path. Weapons perfectly spelled out in 3D. Relentless Warrior does not stop at nothing to get to the fields Puridium.
* The system of defensive towers *
Keep your defenses with towers that can be deployed on the fly. Timely repair the walls and robots to constantly be protected. Choose one of the several classes of towers, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses and different ways of modernization.
* Customization of weapons *
Update the destructive capabilities of their weapons. Players can equip themselves with whatever weapons from grenade launchers to grenades. If the situation becomes too risky, you can even slow down time!

NOTE: If you have low productivity, put in the settings in the main menu of low quality textures.




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