HexDefense - go through the game, constructing and improving the tower to create a deadly maze, through which can not pass any monster! Using a powerful 3D OpenGL graphics and stereo sound, HexDefense became the arcade game genre and fancy tower defense. See how the monsters explode like missiles fly through the hexagonal field and how you protect the homeland, reflecting the wave after wave of attack. The game is very fast and intense - it is easy to play but very hard to master!

Four types of towers with four upgrades. This time the attack are not monsters but different shapes, each with its own special feature. Bosses will also be aware of yourself, each of them is invulnerable from one type of attack. The developers have taken care of fast play mode (top right), which is useful in the beginning of the game.

- Classic Tower Defense with the "open field"
- Stunning graphics, particle effects and animations
- A fast, arcade action game
- Seven types of enemies, including four bosses with special abilities!
- Four types of towers, each with the possibility of improving the level 4
- High-quality 3D sound and background music
- Auto-save when minimizing the application by pressing the home, or an incoming call


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