BMX Rider


BMX Rider you will ride the bike and start racing to develop the ramp, performing various tricks. If in such games, things are moving in one direction, then here you need to get to your destination, and then turn around and begin to scrape their knees, moving in the opposite direction.
While overcoming the various jumps should be done as many spectacular stunts. At least the game points will only be issued for it. Control of the game is quite simple, to break up, regardless of whether the right-hand side of the bicycle rides, or to the left, upper right uses a virtual button.
In order to do a somersault in the air, you must use the lower left button, and perform other tricks - the upper left button. The top right button is used to change the direction of movement, but it can also be used for the next trick, performed in flight. Arcade BMX Rider is not very diverse and consists of only one location.
The game is not entirely successful, and the schedule, to be perfectly honest, just not a realistic physics. Especially is you get a feeling on the second ramp. Musical accompaniment is quite energetic, but too monotonous after a while and might just get bored.

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