Save Ass Shooter


Oh, how cruel and unpredictable work in the office. Save Ass Shooter Game show effects of the crisis in one ordinary office. Difficult financial situation has forced almost all the workers to throw a noose around his neck. Once the only sensible person, you have to save all the underdogs, snatching them from the grasping hands of death.
Gameplay is a mix of arcade and logic puzzles. Launching of the usual impromptu bow pencil, you'll need to cut the rope with which they dangling office staff. Not a bad idea the game was excellent, and implementation. In particular, you will see a great hand-drawn graphics with fun animations. Levels are also designed very interesting, the overall style of office: tables, boxes of documents and other attributes - creates the right atmosphere.
In total, you'll go through 90 different levels. The purpose of each of them will save suicidal people. Hanging on the ropes, like leaves in the wind, they are waiting for rescue. Take a pencil, aim and try to cut the rope until they went to account for their sins before the creator. The complexity of the game is to save all the gallows, but hang every one of them decided not in the right place, and the flight path of salvation pencil will always blocking some office furniture and other obstacles.
To start you need a pencil to press the bow and holding a finger to take him to the side, thus setting the force of the shot. By moving your finger up - down, you can change the trajectory of the shot. When you take aim, simply release your finger and watch the fly pen. It is worth noting that the game is well-designed physics, so you should take into account the gravity, ricochet, and other physical laws. By the way, sharp pencil in contact with a man seriously reduce his time in this world, so it's better to miss, than to charge your projectile gallows.


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