Crazy Kangaroo


Crazy Kangaroo - is a colorful and dynamic arcade. A young kangaroo has been caught by poachers, but by happy coincidence, during the carriage he fell out of the plane, and now he had the opportunity to return to their homes. And the story would have ended quite harmless, if the hunters did not notice the loss and went in pursuit. Now, for the salvation you have to skedaddle very quickly, jumping from one island to another. Do not let mistakes, or poachers will overtake you, and again put in a cage.
The colorful painted graphics will please you in the game you will see three beautifully detailed locations, each of which has an attractive design. In addition, the developers have worked well and over the portrayal of characters and other elements of the game. Your main goal - to get away from poachers and to get home, but it will have to thoroughly sweat. The path will run through a complex terrain, consisting of many small islands in a sea of ​​outstretched.
In addition, you will be able to rely on different animals: hippos, crocodiles. But be careful - you just gape as a pet may swallow you. Management in the game by means of an accelerometer, and sold it as comfortably as possible. Turn your device left / right to maneuver between the islands, and bending it forward or backward, you can change the speed of your character. In the course of the level will also need to collect stars and various bonuses, which will allow much easier to overcome the danger. Earned points will be converted into gold coins needed to purchase and improve bonuses.

- 3 fantastic world
- Attractive graphics
- Easy gameplay for training.
- Funny recharge, including Sugar Rush (Sugar Rush) and Multischet (Multi-Score).
- Over 50 missions.
- Leaderboards and ratings.


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