Star Defender 3


Star Defender 3 - get ready to fight with hundreds of alien beings. It is time to reflect yet another attack of extraterrestrial beings. At this time, they are even more insidious and powerful. But you have learned something! New types of weapons and bonuses to help resist the invaders! Rockets now only sophomoric in comparison with atomic bombs, energy balls and homing lasers.
In the game Star Defender 3, you have to perform eight complex missions to be more than 100 levels and break the enemy's space fleet. The key is to start! The fight begins!

- A huge amount of space ships equipped with unique weapons
- 8 challenging missions
- Unique bonuses, including the freezing of time, missile strike, Immortality
- More than 100 challenging levels
- Excellent graphics and audio effects

The game is more suited for tablets, 4 inches too small, but still quite playable smoothly



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