Basketball Mix


Basketball Mix will please all fans of puzzle games in which the main thing - to find the correct and logical decision. During the game, you'll have to throw the basketball into the rings, while you need to try to collect all the stars scattered on the level. Nice painted graphics pleasing to the eye, and well-designed physics makes the gameplay fun. Musical arrangement was also performed quite well, although you are unlikely to pay him some attention.
Game levels consist of several rings and a basketball, which should throw in each ring. In fact, the ball will fall from the top down, you also need help with small lines to adjust his fall, sending it into the ring. Click on the screen and drag your finger to create a line, but keep in mind that the physics of the game is very well thought out, so you must take into account the rebound and the basic physical laws that are on the ball. Going through the levels, do not forget to collect stars, which are located close to the rings, but to collect them, will break down. The more your play, the greater will be displayed additional complexities, such as walls, slabs and so on.

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