Greedy Mouse


Greedy Mouse will play a major role Mouse insane appetite. Every evening she selects from his mink and, with difficulty climbing on the table and begins to absorb everything that people do not have time to clean the refrigerator. Insatiable hunger eventually turned the nimble mouse barely peredvigayuschiysya hairy bun, and you have to help satisfy hunger glutton, while not giving it to fall off the table.
The implementation of the game, as well as an idea, is made very simple. You will see a hand-drawn graphics with a small set of animation, although details and a variety of subjects happy. By the way, you have to play in two modes: flow levels and survival. To pass the level you need to get to the end of the table and eat along the way as much as possible products. Well, life does not seem to honey in your way will meet knives, forks and other kitchen items that can cripple your mouse - you know, they should be avoided. In survival mode you have to feed a mouse, devouring everything, yet hunger will not kill you. Control the movement of the mouse you'll be at the expense of the accelerometer, while the mouse is clearly responding to all the movements that are very happy.

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