Lush Tower Defense


Lush Tower Defense - you lay on the most important task - to protect the city from attack Lushington Springs enemy army. The sudden attack caught the defense forces by surprise, and hardly you place the first defenders, you will be attacked the vanguard of the approaching army. Be prepared for a prolonged battle, during which you will always be in the press against a variety of enemies. For the defense at your disposal will be 15 defensive structures to help repel any attack.
Reflect attack you one in seven huge maps, where for several miles under your leadership will be erected a powerful system of defense. With it, you'll be able to reflect the strongest attack. By the way, you will have to attack 15 different types of enemies, from ordinary infantry to combat aircraft.
The enemy, as expected, will lead the attack in waves, after every attack you have a little respite, during which the need to build new towers and upgrade existing ones. Each tower has two to four updates that can significantly increase its rate of fire and firepower.
As a supplement during the game you have to open more than 20 achievements, which will provide additional defensive unit. Passage of each card takes you a lot of time, as will survive for 60 - 70 of waves. However, even at maximum speed in the game does not feel the dynamics, so have patience.

7 large levels
15 units
15 Towers
22 Achievements (wins)
5 Additional opportunities (through the opening to achieve)
Plus much more!


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