Zombie Defense


Zombie Defense - is a good "time-killer," in which you will have to confront crowds of zombies. From all these toys, this is different in that you do not have firearms. All that will be at your disposal, it's a grenade, which is not enough to throw into the crowd of the dead. To make an explosion, you must click on the grenade itself after it falls to the floor. The number of available weapons is unlikely you will please, as they will be just one more than the dead.
That is, you will have only one mistake, and not have to pay for life. In general, on the playing field will be located and drums with some fuel, which also explode and have a larger radius of destruction, but to blow up a barrel, it is necessary to use the same grenade. At some points you can wait for the appearance of the corner of the second dead man, to using a single grenade to make two blots on the walls of the blood. But do not be greedy and abuse the expectation, as approached too close to kill a dead man has not come out. After all, you are in such a case, and would have long ago eroded.
Since the action in the game are the first person to throw a grenade, it is necessary to make a sliding movement of a finger across the screen from the bottom up. From the speed will depend on the distance the grenade fly. The graphics in this game is pretty good, but the combination of colors can be called a little monotonous. Sound is consistent with the gameplay.


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