Third Blade


Third Blade - take it one-handed or two-handed sword, and go on an exciting and dangerous journey to destroy the evil monsters once and for all! The game has a shop where you can find good weapons, uniforms, and healing potions. Well, if you are interested in skills, over the runes, you will learn one way or another attack. The game has colorful graphics and special effects, multiple layers, some of the characters and weapons, as well as stunning gameplay!

Get a lot of adrenaline from this unique slashers.
The game was translated into English, French and German, which is not so important in this game.

There are 3 types of swords, you can take either a sword or two-handed sword, which are specially designed for destruction of evil monstorov! The game is constantly appearing halfway monsters that will make you show all your skills.
The main objective, as you might guess, the destruction of monsters. As an assistant in this game serves a combo, which enhances the power of your weapon 3 times!

- Fight several weapons, the ability to get the damage from enemies
- The sword in one hand: a sluggish weapon with high damage, the safest and most effective way to attack
- Two-handed sword, a weapon with high damage
- Each weapon has its own characteristics
- Purchase and use their skills to the enemy
- Normal Mode and Arcade Mode in different locations
- Three phase increase the power of your arms
Stage 1: Normal Attack
Step 2: Attacks are faster
Step 3: Once again, faster attacks, strokes are more frequent.


attention! All files are placed with permission of the authors or applications found in the public domain in the internet, if some of the files violates your rights, please let us know
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