Panda vs Bugs HD Premium


Panda vs Bugs HD Premium - Sunny day ... green, green forest ... and enjoy life pretty lazy panda. This idyll can only break them - bugs! They crawl up trees and trying to bite the panda. However, it was not slabachkoy and capable of much in the fight against bugs.
Want to know how to help in the fight against panda with her enemies?

Game rules are very simple:
- Panda can get away from bugs, going from one side of the tree to another, from one tree to another. It can also attack the'll go down the tree, destroying beetles in its path.
- The number of bugs in the game and their speed is constantly increasing.
- For each dead beetle player receives one point if the beetle is able to bite the panda - you lose a life.

- An original idea;
- Funny and colorful design;
- An incredibly cheerful sound;
- And OpenFeint Leaderboard!


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