SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE - you have to be reincarnated as a samurai, and in whatever was to protect the village from the invading hordes of zombies. Our hero is a mighty opponent, which sends a detachment to detachment, hoping to crush the brave warrior. As you progress through the number and diversity of opponents increases: here you can find all kinds of undead variety of gear, ladies dead and flying fauna. And, of course, if you're lucky, will have to come face to face with powerful bosses to defeat that one must possess not only an impressive arsenal of weapons, but also the skill to successfully avoid crushing blows.

However, do not think that our hero, developers will be thrown into the inferno without proper care. As you go you will be available to support new characters, which can summon help in an emergency: among your associates are both farmers and archers, and warriors! Killing demons and collecting the monies will be fighting to improve their performance, as well as the care of their own uniforms. After each successfully completed level opens a shop, which consists of several sections where the player can choose the modifications, which will afford him. In addition to weapons and abilities, you can purchase and food that will restore vitality, lost on the battlefield.

Also pay attention to the mini-game, the icon that pulsates beneath the main list in the store. After spending a couple of minutes, you can earn some money and get a unique game items.

However, everything listed, you will learn as you go, and the first thing you notice - this is a nice 3D-graphics and easy controls. The hero moves horizontally to the right and left direction can be adjusted by touching the screen with the appropriate parties. It attacks our samurai automatically when approaching the enemy, however, super-strikes rolled, as well as the ability to activate the bonus by clicking on one of the virtual keys on the bottom right. In order to call for backup, it suffices to use the same keys on the left side.

Game Samurai vs Zombies Defenseudachno combines not only a great graphic design, but also ease of management, a variety of characters and features the main character.

Build your defense against hordes of zombies
Get support from farmers, warriors, archers, and many others
Win the mini-games and get rare items
Pimp of the Samurai through the acquisition of weapons and magical powers of protection



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