Twisted Circus


Twisted Circus - famous for roller coasters around the world, because only on this attraction can be a huge surge of adrenaline. However, as it turned out, for some this is not enough, what you see in the game Twisted Circus. The protagonist of the game - a rollicking circus clown who took only one truck, he decided to overcome the most difficult trails. Your path will pass through dilapidated rails roller coaster, but that was not enough for developers, and they added a variety of traps.
Only in the game need to be overcome 45 levels, divided into several worlds. You will see the great graphics, which received excellent rendering and animation, but most of all happy high dynamics, which is achieved through well-designed physics engine, and additional effects. And an added bonus for you to become defiant music, which you will not get bored during the gameplay.
Along with good graphics and the game got exciting gameplay, intense dynamics and unexpected routes. As we have noted, the developers came to the realization of the levels with great imagination, you will eventually overcome various bends, high soar into the air - all at high speed. To pass the level you should either collect a certain number of gifts, or just to get to the finish. But in any case, you need to meet the tight time frame, which is usually limited to 30 seconds. As a result, you simply have no right to even the slightest mistake, which can take precious seconds. In terms of coins will be scattered, they can buy additional bonuses.
It is important that the developers decided to simplify the management - it allows you to keep a high tempo game. As a result, your order will be just two buttons. The button to the left, allows you to flip the truck upside down, which is not just useful for collecting coins, and to avoid pitfalls. On the right is the second button, allowing you to jump, but there should be careful, otherwise you will just fly off the track.
The game is Twisted Circus captures its dynamics, but it is worth noting that it is quite complicated, and you have to repeatedly take the same level as you do not remember all the turns and not be able to pass a line on the machine.

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    - дэбильная иигрушка! не качать!!!!

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