Ninja Fishing


Ninja Fishing - this is a fun game for Android-devices in which you can go fishing and, and Fruit Ninja remember. Your main task will be to catch fish. In order to throw the bait, you need to click on the screen, and then use the accelerometer to control the fall of the hook on the bottom. For what? The fact that the hook gets the very first fish caught in the immediate vicinity. Immediately after that plump ninja, sitting in the boat starts to pull the line up. In addition, each fish that gets in the way of climbing the hook, and was trapped.
On this basis, we can see that the deeper you catch your first fish, the more fish will be able to pull out of the water as far as pulling the fishing line. By the way, while pulling the fishing line you can also control its position using the accelerometer. Then we have comes another part of the game, which once again confirms the fact that the ninja has to fall zakormlen. In general, this amateur wave rolled so strongly pulls the fish out of water, that it simply flies in the air. Meanwhile, our battle with each cast a fishing rod and grabs his sabelku to cut each fish right in the flight. To do this you need to do dissecting finger motion across the screen.
To make your life did not seem like a fairy tale, in addition to fish in the air will occur more and a bunch of dynamite. Explain what will happen in the event of a cut is probably not required. It is unknown whether this is done for visual sensations, or a ninja does not know that dynamite can still stun the fish, but the fact remains. Each new type of fish will be entered in your journal of trophies, which you can view at any time. Naturally, during the gameplay you will earn the local currency, which can be spent in the shop for a new katana, increasing the length of fishing line, boat sinkers and the accelerator, which is a very interesting thing.
The fact that each throwing rods you will be given the opportunity to accelerate the sinking of the hook. To do so will only keep your finger on the screen for as long as the accelerator is completed. During activation of the chips you can not worry about the fish, darting under the hook. They do not just peck, they will be chipped. Using the accelerator, you will be able to just get to the bottom of the reservoir where there is a chance to find a chest of gold (or with an old shoe).
Yes, and you pick up the fish much more. The graphics in this game is excellent. Sound and music, too, you will not disappoint.

- More than 60 species of fish.
- Earn gold to buy a super upgrade katanas, boats and more.
- Find the chests.
- HD graphics.
- Achievements and leaderboards.


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  • Posted by: escorts France (guest), 2012-11-21 13:11:40
    Jeg elsker hva dere er vanligvis opp også. Denne type smarte arbeid og eksponering! Hold opp den fantastiske verk gutta jeg har lagt dere til blogglista min . hilsen!

  • Posted by: полина (guest), 2013-02-24 13:29:22
    А как скачать?

  • Posted by: ea escort (guest), 2013-06-07 16:50:24
    Bonjour ashram

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