- The Lite version gives you a 4500 $, for leveling the machine (the full $ 50,000)
- Leave the as soon as possible the most dangerous zone of Chernobyl

It was an ordinary evening, I was directed to the Chernobyl zone that would pick up the load. In my memory this is not the first trip. The work is not so dusty and pay a lot. In the different mutants of Labuda and other vermin in the area I do not believe it. Life has taught me to believe only what I personally saw.
But something in the evening went wrong, already in the Chernobyl zone, the road suddenly slipped something terrible. The blood froze in his veins, bring the car home, I lost control. Woke up in the morning. The machine was broken. All around were heard strange noises. Though I am not easily frightened, but somehow I do not recall it was a game STALKER which I was the main character. Looked around I saw the old abandoned garage. His head flashed the thought of hope that there might be some kind of machinery. I quickly headed toward the garage, that would look ...
Your job is something to leave the area as quickly as possible.

- Dynamic gameplay
- Beautiful graphics
- The atmosphere of an abandoned Soviet cities.
- Three types of machines (ZAZ, UAZ, ZIL)
- Ability to upgrade any equipment (wheels, transmission, engine etc.)
- Realistic physics


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  • Posted by: Игорь (guest), 2012-07-21 20:45:26
    Уже в Маркете есть обновление  1.02.12 Там много изменений, вот некоторые из них: 1.02.12 Добавлена поддержка мультитача, теперь при удержании газа и нитро, педаль газа не зависает. У ЗИЛа гусеницы защищают от аномалий. Добавлена возможность менять окраску машины. Исправлены все известные баги. 1.02.05 Убрана ошибка с покупкой нитро. Доработана физика.

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    как скачать

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    Как скачать ааааааааааа!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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