Diamonds Blaze


The diamond boom - is a fascinating and simple arcade game that helps you to develop lightning-fast response and observation, collecting gems!
Compose a chain of three or more gems of one color! The more stones will be in the chain, the more points you get. Use the powerful explosives for additional bonuses. In the game you can find a lot of unexpected combinations, which will help gain even more points. Compete in tournaments with your friends and people around the world. Bonus items and cunning tactics will help you surpass them all in the art of diamond and win!

The rapid and exciting gameplay - enter as many points in 60 seconds;
A fascinating puzzle game in the style of "three in a row" for devices with a touchscreen;
Five special bonus items that affect the tactics of the game;
Bombs and explosives with unique effects, gladdening the eye;
Extra points for the largest chain of diamonds;
The fastest players will find bonuses;


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    Hola como se descarga? Es d verdad gratis? 

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