HOMERUN BATTLE 2 - is a continuation of fairly well-known arcade baseball simulation in which you need to show all their abilities to climb in the rankings and earn the respect of other players.
You can choose your player, choose the sex, complexion and other characteristics, and go to the stadium to show their abilities. Play with other players in real time and earn points, and various accomplishments.
The second part of the game was even more beautiful and engineered to work schedule, now you will see the great detail of implementation and during the gameplay.
All models in the game were great and elaborate detail, in addition, the animation looks very realistic movements and physics are well thought-out will allow you to enjoy the game. It is also important and the presence of a large number of effects, which are decorated with the game and give it momentum.
The musical accompaniment is also not bad, although you can hear it only during breaks, all the rest of the time you'll hear only the sound effects, such as the roar from the crowd, hit the ball on the bat and so on.
The game features six different modes of play, with just want to point out that you need a permanent connection to the Internet, it does not matter, you play in single player mode or multiplayer.
The general idea is pretty simple game: you will need to enter the field and beat balls that will fly at high speed, with the filing may be quite unexpected and even the fantastic. For example, you can see balls of fire, gold, and even disappear, all this will require you some skill and practice. In the end, your main task will be to discourage as many balls, while important, how far you can send the ball, all this will affect the final score.
Management in HOMERUN BATTLE 2 for Android is quite simple and convenient. Before you will be a square, inside which there is a shadow bits that will "aim" and hit the flying ball. To change the position of the bits you need to use an accelerometer, it is worth to note that the game is very well thought out this time, so you will not experience any difficulties.
After the ball was thrown, and you took aim, you should choose the time and click on the screen, then your character will make a hit, and if you have calculated everything correctly, the ball will fly very far. Note that during the sighting is trying to kick the ball was made late bits, then the impact will be as strong, and you get more points.

- Play against players from around the world.
- Full customization of the player, up to sex, body build, skin color.
- Amazing stadiums.
- 6 different game modes.
- Easy management.
- Incredible graphics and physics.

To run the game requires Internet access.



Way cache: sdcard / android / data


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