dab-Titan - where you will feel yourself in the role of space truckers. Such a specific profession, as it turned out in great demand in the future. Large corporations are ready to hire pilots with hundreds of trucks, because the flow of cargo each year only increased, and brave, ready to go into space with an important weight, becoming less and less. The main reason for failure is the high mortality rates truckers, which is not surprising, because on the way to the end point of each face serious danger.
But as they say, money talks! Therefore, despite all the dangers, yet there are daredevils who are ready to undertake this work, and one of them will be you. You will have a powerful space truck that can deliver huge loads to the point of destination. But in addition to a powerful engine for your board, and a special weapon with which you fend off the attacks of pirates and competitors of your company.
Your goal at all levels will be delivered to the shipping yard. Unfortunately, the developers have not given us great freedom in the movement of the outer space, and fly to the station will be very close, but it does not mean that the road be easy. But at least you have a difficulty with the control by the towing vehicle. He has several engines: the basis for forward flight, corrective engines for approaching the station, as well as additional drives on the site with a load that will be used for docking with the marshalling yard.
Additionally complicate your job that yard is constantly spinning around its axis, and at each new level of power with the load will have a more elaborate form. When you defeat the pirates and circled all the asteroids, before you get up another problem - the competent docked with the station. When approaching it on the screen there will be additional items of information that will help you make the correct dock.
Management will be at the expense of a few buttons. The left side is a pair of buttons for adjusting the rate on the right side - another pair of buttons to control the rotation of the cargo area. In the lower right corner is the main engine start button with which you move around in space. Well, shooting and realized at all by simply clicking on the screen, but then it's worth noting that your missiles fly relatively slowly, so you'll have to shoot ahead of the curve.
In the end I want to say a few words about graphics. It is relatively good, three-dimensional image was a good design in the best style of space fiction. But the portrayal of models and objects in the game leaves much to be desired, all performed awkwardly and even boring, but this disadvantage can easily turn a blind eye. Study of physics, too, has some drawbacks, but it is rather a deliberate assumption, as in full compliance with the laws of physics play would be extremely difficult. Special attention is given musical setting, in particular, as the main theme developers chose music from the movie "2010: A Space Odyssey," which fits perfectly into the game.


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