Kill Devils


Kill Devils - The coming of the demons - refers to one of the most exciting and popular genres - the defense of the castle. The history of the game begins 100 years ago, when the world was attacked by demons, Ashan, who rose from the depths of hell. Seven Kingdoms Seven different races were almost on the brink of destruction, and only a great hero who can stop the bloody wars, combining all the races for the Great War. And that you are destined to become the liberator of the whole world. Take the hard way, destroying the demons in the seven kingdoms and increasing the overall army, which should end with a huge fight a demon, commanding all the invaders. In fact, the game belongs to the genre "defend the castle," which has become boring because only a few large number of similar games, is not characterized by diversity.

- The colorful cartoon style graphics, a modern 3D visualization of demons, dynamic and dazzling effects of skills will give you a lot of new sensations.
- Seven different game locations where you have to seize the castle of human civilization, the academic sky castle, a mysterious underground world of demons and more.
- In the game there are 9 kinds of unique demonic guilds, already familiar to you soldier-skeletons and stone people, appeared two types of BOSS mysterious and powerful siege weapons.
- Players will use the предоставляетсявозможность 13 new species of magical towers, three of which are categorical magic tower, have even more efficiently and help you resist the invasion of demons.
Improved achievement. Dozens of different developments to satisfy any collector.
- Easy management of gameplay and well-developed system of guidance for beginners, make it possible to quickly get into the game.
Flexible and convenient ways to allow you to experience the attacks had not previously experienced a feeling of speed.
- A more colorful and dynamic location decorated with high-quality effects of weather and game screensavers.
- Finely balanced, and combining the western style of fantasy and military strategy, the game satisfies the preferences of a wide range of players.


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