Stick Fighter II


Stick Fighter II - The second part of the exciting adventures Sticka. At this time, he will act as a skilled fighter. Your goal is to destroy all caught on your way to overcome enemies and obstacles of various kinds, which has a huge amount. All the action takes place on the roofs of houses. Stick with the agility to jump from one to another, and at the same time, making a somersault.
In the game you will encounter various bonuses, for example, you can fly like Superman or make all the flying kick to the legs, or get extra lives. The player is initially given three lives, after which the game ends. It is also a definite plus for this kind of game is that you can adjust the speed of the game, choosing the best option for yourself where you can for a long time not to lose, and the game will not seem boring.

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    munto legal esse jogo ><

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