Neuroshima Hex v.2.05


Neuroshima Hex - tactical board game in the style of post-apocalypse. The game is designed for 2-4 players, each of which controls one of the four armies in the fight for survival in a world destroyed during the Thirty Years' War. Moloch - the army of machines and robots that caused the death of a great part of humanity. Borgo - the combined forces of the mutants rioting in the wastelands. Outpost - the last bastion of humanity, striving to survive. Hegemony - a bunch of crazed thugs carrying chaos and at times suiting brutal gladiatorial combat. The game has a fair amount of features, the troops can attack and merge with friendly troops. Attack the enemy army in partnership with colleagues and win, you will be trophies mined weapons and money.

Version 2.05:


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    Klass super

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