Arcane Quest 2

Lately it has become very fashionable and profitable places to create games stylized masterpieces of the past. Gamers 30 and older is very sympathetic to the project capable of generating a sense of nostalgia for the days of dawn geymdeyva. That Arcane Quest 2 skillfully disguised as "old man."
The plot, as always sinister epic and promises a very gloomy atmosphere of what is happening. At first, we are only two characters - a warrior and a dwarf (dwarf), with them we will begin a bloody purge the dungeons. Then he added another 6 - wizard, elf, awakener (I suspect that this is a necromancer), a murderer, a cleric and ranger. In general, the company is planned, that on there, canonical, and the face of opponents are all familiar.
Turn-based system is simple and harmonious, and the rules of throws of the dice will be understandable even for beginners. Do not forget about the tons of weapons, magic spells, colorful liquid in the jars, books and other stuff, which is a mandatory part of any RPG. And given the vastness of the continent, fans of real adventure stuck in this game for hours.
As a result, we face a very high quality product that will appeal to the most demanding of old school gamers.
PS Do not forget to advise ransacking every room in geocaching.

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