Navy Base

The Navy Base unfolding events that happen in every modern war with combat fleet on both sides, namely the desire to destroy the opponents' main naval base, thus denying the enemy the ability to control the situation in the water. In some cases, it creates the preconditions for a quick victory. So you need to complete the task at any cost, even at the approaches to the goal will go to the bottom of the squadron as a whole.
So here we have a light reconnaissance boats, minesweepers, cover ships, cruisers, aircraft carriers, heavy battleships and other classes of ships. Characteristics of the "force" specified in the digital signage on the icon of the unit. Twos destroy each other, 5 wins 4, but, of course, loses battle occurs only 6. "face" to "face", it gives use some tricks. There is no need to completely destroy the enemy and break through to the desired sector to produce precise volley.

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