Ninja: Legendary Warriors

Prolog immediately evokes sadness and gloom - again an epic battle in the lair of the villain who easily won the team of superheroes. After that, the story with the grace of a grand piano in the bushes makes an application for the future, as the game is incredibly surprising discovery. And we are transported an unknown destination and get the role of a boy who came to talk to a wise and powerful teacher. Of course, the old man quickly throw the hoof, at the last moment put it on the main character a huge burden of responsibility to save the world from a terrible threat to the demon returns and leave it surrounded by true friends who, pursuing an extremely altruistic goals are unabashedly happy to die fighting for the protagonist. Here are just fighting here come completely automatically and only time before the battle in which we can influence what is happening on the screen - this during the arrangement of the characters in the attacking order, and everything.

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