In part 10, in the version for handheld devices, incorruptible fighting game we will have a little bit unusual for ardent fans of storyline and substantively modified schedule. Gameplay had to simplify for the sake of technical capabilities and needs. But, as before, we have the same MORTAL KOMBAT just became a lot and is much better and more interesting.
Gamers will meet all known how long the characters, such as Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Scorpion, Kitana, and brand new, previously unreleased appear.
Fights will take place three teams in the 3-weary soldier can substitute for fresh instantly chat during the match. And do not forget about network duels, wars allow fractions to test their capabilities against real players from around the world.

attention! All files are placed with permission of the authors or applications found in the public domain in the internet, if some of the files violates your rights, please let us know
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    Kak se tegli tupata igraaaaa

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