Whack Muscle


Whack Muscle - an opportunity to break away on the arrogant major, who is trying by hook or by crook to get into a nightclub, where you are "working" as a bouncer. The elements of naturalness makes the fact that almost has to beat with their bare hands.
You can beat the enemy to the body and head, while avoiding retaliation. As soon as the customer reaches the desired condition of your attacks, his smile would not be such a "toothy" and bruising his face turn into a solid mess.
The most amusing moment seems a surprise appearance on your screen rather stouter Britney Spears, who tries to protect his brazen friend from your apt fists. Haters of pop can rejoice - the game allows you hung a couple of blows and this pop diva! Outcome of the game will be a shameful death majeure, which serves to finish off a couple of light strokes.

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    ну незнаю

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    Это Фигня

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