HTC Desire

HTC Desire Smartphone
Android 2.1
Screen:3.7" 480x800
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Processor:Qualcomm QSD8250, 1000 Mhz
USB / WI-FI / Bluetooth / GPS: +/+/+/+
Ramzmery:60x119x12 mm
Opening hours of standby time:6:40 hours:minute
Opening hours of talk time:360 hours
Weight 135 gram

The Last Vikings

In the days when the legendary Empire ceased to exist, and their ruins just formed a new country, the world learned about the Vikings. Savage Warriors, on their Drakkar were the terror of all known land (and unknown, too). During one of these illustrious personages we have to play. Until about us still nobody really heard, but soon we will become a famous leader, fearlessly sent to the end of the world for the rich booty. The farther he will be able to sail the thicker will be the natives, and thus gold will be to pour right through the side of the ship. Therefore, you need to buy more and more capacious vessel, where to put the faithful companions, the prisoners and the loot. In the moments of peace and quiet you need not sit around and prepare for the campaign. While shipbuilder working on a vessel, it is possible to escape on hiring soldiers, the distribution of captured weapons, conversations with dealers, blacksmiths and other useful and not very lyudom. Well, when all will be made to float away again towards adventure.

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