HTC Flyer

HTC Flyer The tablet
Android 2.3
Screen:7.0" 1024x600
USB / WI-FI / Bluetooth / GPS: /+/+/+
Ramzmery:195x122x13 mm
Opening hours of standby time:0:00 hours:minute
Opening hours of talk time:0 hours
Weight 420 gram

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 1941 Frozen Front

The strategy in the best of its manifestation. Witness shocking battles of the Second World War in an outstanding hit strategy by HandyGames. With the help of a competent strategy send your troops to victory. A team of German troops in their attack on the east or defend their homeland on the side of the Soviet troops. Prove your art military leader on the frozen front!

 Zombie Mincer

Zombie Mincer - that this time was the reason zombiapokalipsisa the authors decided not to specify, and why, after all sorts of options end of the world have met in movies, books itp Let everyone think up myself. Your one goal - to survive as long as possible, as much as possible to gut the undead. It will be hot, very hot. We'll have to work hard to survive, and, perhaps, to save humanity!

 Clan Wars (Clan Wars)

Clan Wars (Clan Wars) - MMO RPG online game. The game is set in the distant Empire. You have to choose for what clan you'll fight-or world order free soyuz.Sozdavayte its army and military might, grab the territory, the mining resursy.Pobezhdayte enemies, become the head of klana.Vse it you can achieve in a clan war.


Blastron - great arcade game in which you can only be either a hunter or a target and your job is to survive. Destroying other robots you will be able to get valuable upgrades for your character. By passing through the game you will collect an arsenal of powerful weapons and steep, while simultaneously improving the robot parts to improve their skills. The game had good graphics and great gameplay.

 Chicken Raid FREE

Chicken Raid FREE - in this game we have to destroy all the evil chickens (not to be confused with the birds) for the minimum number of moves. This is a puzzle game in which we will destroy fragile objects (boards, pieces of glass) to launch a chain of destruction and destroy our enemies.

 Blosics HD FREE

Blosics HD FREE - before you are piling massive structures constructed of multi-colored blocks, your task is to destroy all of it, shooting of weapons allotted to you. Very interesting is that different units have different features and it is necessary to take into account in the course of the game, otherwise you will get too.

 Little Commander - World War 2 TD

Little Commander - World War II TD (Small Commander: World TD) - in front of you beautiful game in the genre of Tower Defence, which is easy to play even for a beginner! Embittered war, tanks are on the streets, protecting nowhere to wait, the city is in danger! How would such a critical situation did little commander? Try it, you might be able to turn the tide of the war!

 Soldiers of glory: World War 2 (Soldiers of Glory - World)

Soldiers of glory: World War 2 (Soldiers of Glory - World) - great TD on the World of Cat Studio Inc. Manage your troops! Follow the mission and get rewards! This is a game in the genre of Tower Defense deploys a real battle on the fields of Europe during the Second World War.

 Defense Matrix: Alien Invasion

Defense Matrix: Alien Invasion - stand up in defense of their space base and protect the production of energy crystals from aliens, in excellent 3D game genre TD.

 Sea Battle - Battleships

Sea Battle - Battleships - a unique system of naval warfare, previously unused in any game. The survival of mankind depends on you!